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Marketing Policy


Over the last two years, Baylink has changed in a number of ways.  As a team, we are proud of what we have been able to achieve and the way we have been able to serve the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the region.  This is mainly due to the determination of the team, under the leadership of Colin, to ensure that we are serving church leaders as best as we can.

Two major changes over the last two years are the web site and also the way in which we communicate via email.  As we have seen these two areas improve and grow, so have the number of requests to promote events, job vacancies and information from members and non-members alike.

We have until now tried to oblige various requests, but the increase in requests is now at the point where it is just not practical to carry on doing it.

Baylink does not have a full-time team, but is comprised of people who are serving God in another primary area such as ministry, pastoring or church-planting.  Most of the work undertaken by them for Baylink is voluntary and their time is given in addition to their primary roles.  As such, we do not have a full-time PR & marketing team which mean that additional requests are done at the good grace of the team.

Moving Forward

This subject has been a point of discussion for us for some time now and at a recent team meeting, we took a decision that we would no longer promote every request that we receive from now on.  From this point forward, we will only promote events and items that are internally generated.  This will include member events that we are party to, but not every member event.  We will also promote some external events that are of local significance.  We will no longer take requests from organisations that are not Baylink members.

To help members communicate with each other, we will distribute a membership list to all member churches and organisations in the form of a spreadsheet.  This will only include information that is already available in our members section on the web site.  For none Baylink members, please avail yourself of the member details on the website.

These changes will help the team to stay committed to serving Baylink to the best of their ability and ensure that we can keep stay light and responsive.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support

The Baylink Team

August 2016