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Church in Hard Places 22-23 September

Church in Hard Places 22-23 September

We are really thrilled that we can offer this opportunity to you and your wider leadership team.  20Schemes has been working over a number of years in the toughest and poorest housing schemes of Scotland to plant and revitalise Gospel centred churches.  Widening the ministry to cross boarders in to England and indeed many other nations, Mez McConnell and the team at 20Schemes are working relentlessly to equip and train others to share the Gospel in the poorest and toughest parts of the world.

Friday, September 22, 6:00pm until Saturday, September 23, 4:30pm

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Church in Hard Places

THE HARD PLACES: The world’s poorest communities often share common characteristics: A densely populated community. Multi-Generational community. Matriarchal leadership. Isolated culturally, economically and geographically. Hard working low income subsistence living. Higher than average levels of mental health issues, addiction, illiteracy, family breakdown, crime. Diverse ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups coexisting in close proximity causing tension and a lack of social cohesion.

THE CHALLENGE: The Church is a display of God’s glory, mercy, and wholeness in the midst of a broken and hurting community. Churches in hard places often share common struggles: A lack of well-trained leadership; a lack of resources to equip workers in these communities; a sense of alienation from the broader evangelical church.

WHAT IS THE CiHP NETWORK? Our goal is to equip church leaders, train indigenous believers, and develop resources for the church in hard places. We define hard places as “economically and socially disadvantaged communities” The CiHP Network is a network of church leaders and trainees seeking to build healthy churches in socially and economically disadvantaged communities around the world.

Event Outline:

Friday 22 Sep

6.00pm – Registration opens / Bookstall 6.30pm

Tea 7.00pm – Introduction / Welcome 8.00pm

Session 1 – Why the church is important

9.00pm – Close

Saturday 23 Sep

9.30am – Registration / Bookstall / Coffee 10.00am

Session 2 – Church membership and discipline

11.00am – Coffee / Bookstall 11.15am

Session 3 – Working with women

12.15pm – Dinner / Bookstall 1.30pm

Session 4 – Diversity in the church

2.30pm – Coffee / Bookstall 2.45pm

Session 5 – Evangelism in Hard Places

3.45pm – Plenary

4.00pm – Close

We will be thrilled if you can join us for the weekend of training and equipping.  Places are limited and tickets allocated on a first come first served basis.