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Baylink Recommended Geological Trips

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We are pleased to bring to your attention a number of geological trips taking place this summer in and around the Jurassic Coast, our local World Heritage Site.

Those of you who attended the March event last year will remember that Dr John Matthews who stepped into the breach when  Prof. Andy McIntosh had his flights delayed.  John gave a wonderful impromptu talk, relating the effects of Noah’s global flood on our local area.

We are therefore thrilled that John has agreed to lead three initial geological trips with a view to more in the future.

To that end, we have a dedicated page for booking onto these trips, the link which is below.

We would like to warmly commend these trips and ask that you share the links with your fellowships and organisations.  There is a modest donation of £2.50 per person to cover the cost of printing and fact-sheets which is amazing value for such an event.

The trips are on a first-come, first-served basis and it is advised to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  If you would like to take trips from your church, you can speak to John and arrange this directly with him.

Please click on the link below to go to our dedicated page.

Visit Our Dedicated Page

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